One of the biggest concerns clients have in hiring an attorney is how much legal representation will cost. THE Legal Advocate knows how important and sensitive an issue this is, so fees and costs are addressed during a prospective client's initial consultation because fees and costs will vary depending on the nature of your specific case. THE Legal Advocate offers different fee options.




1) Write down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all persons involved as well as all the facts you can recall which pertain to the case. Doing this yourself should cut down on the time the lawyer will have to spend gathering the information.


2) Take any papers relating to the case to the first interview.


3) Be as concise and precise as possible in all interviews with the lawyer.


4) Do not allow emotion to color the facts given; be as accurately objective as you can.


5) Make full and honest disclosure to the lawyer of ALL the facts: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is essential in making a determination about your case, and your lawyer will keep it in strictest confidence.


6) Avoid unnecessary telephone calls and/or emails to the lawyer. Understand that if you are being billed on an hourly basis, you can be, and most likely are going to be, billed for any communication.


7) Get legal advice before signing documents or taking legal action. Then follow the advice of the lawyer.


8) Consider the financial advantages or disadvantages of a proposed legal action by discussing it with a lawyer. For example, would the court costs and legal fees be more than the amount of the damages you have suffered and would like to recover?